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The Vembanad Lake

Photos and description

The longest lake of India - Vembanad - located in the southern state of Kerala, also known as Kajal or Vembanad Kol. Moreover, it is also the largest lake in the state. Since it is located in several districts of Kerala, it is divided into several parts: part located in Kuttanadu called Punnamada, part of the Kochi lake in Kochi.

It is on the waters of Punnamada are aquatic race of Jawaharlal Nehru.

In General, the Vembanad is a large water system, which includes several small Islands and peninsulas, and covers an area of over 2033 square kilometers, which, in turn, makes this system the largest in the country. Its length is 96 km and a width of 14 km Almost all the territory is at sea level and only about 400 square km.

Vembanad is separated from Arabian sea by numerous narrow barrier Islands. In addition, the lake itself is divided into 2 parts by a dam Thanneermukkom, the length of which is 1252 kilometers. It was created with the aim to prevent sea water flooding the lowlands of Kuttanad town. But she not only allowed to free the territory under the field, but also provided virtually the entire state of clean and fresh water.

Thanks to the beauty of the lake and its environs, this place has become one of the main attractions of Kerala, especially in popular holiday Village Kumarakom located on the Eastern shore of the lake. That its territory is famous bird sanctuary.

Also, the Vembanad lake is famous for its floating homes, or as they call them, Kettuvallam. Them there's a huge number and they not only carry passengers from island to island, but are a mini-hotels.