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Palace, Monsoon

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On top of the highest in Udaipur the Aravalli hill, is located over lake Pichola, offering spectacular panoramic views of the city and lake, located white, monsoon Palace, also known as the Palace of Sajjan Garh. Its history began in 1884, when the power was Maharaja Sajjan Singh, is famous for its progressive views. When this ruler built roads, selenella the city, and there was a water supply system.

It is not surprising that the Palace planned to Sajjan Singh, was to be comfortable and modern. But, unfortunately, he died before the castle was built. The construction was completed under his successor Fateh Singh, though not all the ideas of the ruler of Sajan was implemented. Built at a height of 944 meters, the Palace was an excellent place to observe clouds during monsoons (hence the name), and also to stay in the hunting season.

The Palace is a winding road across the mountain that rests in the massive gate in the wall surrounding the Palace complex, and its strong bastions were good protection for the Sajjan Garh.

The monsoon is built entirely of white marble and is a large and magnificent castle with many rooms and halls. Turrets, neat dome, carved curbs, and delicate arches adorn the austere lines of the building. Standing on the top of the mountain, the Palace looks beautiful when the lights turn on. And the area around the castle since 1987, received the status of a protected zone, which is called Sajjangarh.

Among tourists this place is particularly popular during the period when the monsoons blow. It was then that reveals the beauty of a magnificent Palace, monsoon.