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The Salar Jung Museum

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National Art Museum of Salar Jung, located in the beautiful city of Hyderabad, is the third largest in the whole of India. This world renowned Museum has a unique exhibits, some of them dates back thousands of years.

Much of the credit for the creation of the Museum belongs to the former Prime Minister of the Seventh Nizam of Hyderabad - Nawab Mir Yusuf Ali Khan Salar Jungo III, who, because of his lack of direct heirs, decided to donate his collection of Antiques collected throughout his life, created in his residence a private Museum Deodi Sofa, and later she was transferred to Salar Jung. But it is believed that at the moment the Museum is not the whole collection, which of the values was secretly sold, and part is lost in the move.

Salar Jung opened its doors in 1951. It is a huge white multi-storey building, divided into three thematic sectors: the Eastern, Western and Indian cultures. They in turn are divided into 38 galleries, which are located on the first two floors of the building, displaying a variety of things: sculptures, paintings, textiles, furniture, ceramics, jewelry, coins. In addition to galleries, the Museum has a library, a reading room, chemical laboratory, store.

Salar Jung has a rich collection, a number of exhibits which has 1 million copies, collected worldwide. One of the highlights of the Museum is the famous Room with a Clock, which includes timepieces from different countries and different times.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the Museum often hosts exhibitions of famous artists and sculptors.

Not surprisingly, the salad Jung Museum was declared a national treasure of India and is one of the most visited museums in the country.