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Kaziranga national Park

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In the North-Eastern Indian state of Assam is another well-known reserve - Kaziranga national Park. The place is primarily famous for the fact that its territory is inhabited by more than two thirds of the global population of Indian (or armoured) rhinos.

The current territory of the reserve began to attract attention in 1904, after it was visited by the wife of the then Indian Vice-king of Mari Victoria Leiter Curzon. She was disappointed that in a place that was famous for a large number of rhinos, she was not able to see any of this animal. At her request, Lord Curzon initiated the creation of protected areas in this territory, and in 1905 on the square in 232кв km the Park was created, the focus of which was to preserve and increase the population of Indian rhinos. Over time, the reserve was enlarged and currently its area is km. 430кв the Official status of the national protected zone of the Park was given in 1974.

In addition to rhinos in Kaziranga is home to about 35 species of mammals, many of which are listed in the Red Book. So the Park is home to barasingha (or swamp deer), Indian buffaloes, sambari, elephants, guar, wild boar, Indian muntjac, leopards, Indian tigers. Where Kaziranga has acquired the status of a security zone only tigers in 2006, but it is a Park where the density of the habitat of these felines are the highest.

In addition, this reserve is a very popular place among birdwatchers, as its territory is inhabited by a huge number of birds, such as grey and Dalmatian pelicans, ferruginous duck, greater spotted eagle, white-Pallas.

Kaziranga offers tourists a great variety of recreational programmes including elephant Safari and bird watching. Hiking in the Park is prohibited due to the risk of collision of wild animals.