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Meenakshi Temple

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Meenakshi temple, also known as Meenakshi of Sundareswarar, located on the left Bank of river vagai, in the city of Madurai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The temple was built in honor of Goddess Parvati, also known as Meenakshi, and her consort of Shiva, who in this part of the country called Sundareswarar.

The Meenakshi temple is a huge complex of buildings, which occupies a vast area right in the heart of Madurai. You can get inside through one of the four available gates. The complex consists of fourteen towers, which in buildings of this type are called gopuram. Each gopuram rises above the earth at 45-50 meters. They are built around a beautiful pond. The biggest gopuram - South tower has a height of 52 meters. And the oldest is the East gopuram, which was built in 1216-1238 years by order of the king Karavarman, Sundar Pandian. And the complex has two large gilded Vimana - sculpted towers and pavilions, which houses the main Shrine of the temple. In one Vimana is carved from black stone with an emerald hue the image of the Goddess Meenakshi, another sculpture Sundareswarar. In addition to Parvati and Shiva, the temple also worship Ganesha, the sculpture which stands near the Vimanas Sundareswarar.

Each gopuram of the Meenakshi Sundareswarar is a true work of architectural art: from the bottom to the top they are covered with splendid sculptures, painted in bright colors.

The complex was completely built in the XVII century - in 1623-1655.

Daily come to the temple about 15 thousand visitors, and on Fridays, their number increased to 25 thousand.