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Charminar Gate

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In 1591, on the territory of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in the city of Hyderabad, a mosque was built, which was called the Charminar . The words "char Minar" (minar char) language Urdu means "four towers", or also called the Mosque of the Four Minarets. It was erected by order of the ruler of golkonda Sultan Muhammad Quli Shah CODB. This building became a kind of gratitude to Allah for what he have stopped the spread of plague, and was erected on the very spot where the Sultan prayed to God and asked to grant his people salvation.

Charminar is a typical example of Muslim architecture and is a quadrangular building made of granite, limestone and marble, the corners are carved minaret, whose height is more than 48 meters. In each tower there are 149 steps, which you can climb to the observation deck, which was organized at the top level of the monument. Also on the open roof of the Charminar, on the West side is a mosque for those who want to pray - there is space for 45 worshipers. All in all, the building is divided into 4 levels, each of which performs a specific role. On each side of the mosque are decorated with carvings 11-Dimitrova arch-gate, over which even in 1889, the clock was installed.

Charminar is a very popular place not only among tourists but also among the local population. It is a kind of center of trade of Hyderabad, around the gate there are shops, stalls and stalls, and the famous LAAD Bazaar or Choady Bazaar, the market-survivor, where you can buy almost everything: a national food, fabric, saris, jewelry, including gold, trimmed with pearls and semi-precious stones, incense and perfume. It is noteworthy that all these products are exclusively Indian-made.