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St. Paul's Cathedral

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Anglican Cathedral of St. Paul, located in Kolkata, West Bengal, is a part of the Church of North India - a United Church which is part of the international Association of Anglican churches.

The Cathedral is one of the most interesting sights of Calcutta, along with the Victoria Memorial and Birla planetarium. The construction of the Cathedral was begun in 1839 by Bishop Daniel Wilson. It lasted eight years and was completed only in 1847. The chief architect was made by military engineer major William Nairn Forbes. He, together with S. K. Robinson, has developed the project of the temple, which resembled the Cathedral in the city of Norwich (Norwich), England.

The stunning building, designed in the Gothic revival style that was extremely popular during the British rule in India, can not fail to attract attention. It is a structure more than 75 feet tall, with a width of about 25 meters. The height of the tower is 61 meters. The main hall of the Cathedral has a rectangular shape, with a high vaulted ceiling, decorated with graceful arches. Carved wooden chairs and benches are on both sides of the hall, and Windows, situated on its Western wall decorated with magnificent stained glass Windows. The Eastern wall is completely covered with the amazing beauty of the Florentine frescoes. Additionally, other walls of the building are painted with floral patterns and floral ornaments, and there are paintings depicting scenes and life of the Apostle Paul.

In the underground room is the tomb of Bishop Wilson, who was the initiator of the temple.

Outside St. Paul's Cathedral surrounded by a small garden, which was recently a special area for meditation.