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Parthasarathy Temple

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The Parthasarathy temple is a magnificent religious building of the VIII century, is located in the ancient city of Chennai (Madras), the capital of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The temple was created in honor of one of the main Gods of the Hindu Pantheon, Krishna.

The name "Parthasarathy" is Sanskrit and means "charioteer of Arjuna" (Arjuna one of the heroes of the Hindu epic "Mahaabhaarat").

The temple is one of the most ancient buildings in all of Chennai. It was created during the reign of the powerful dynasty Pallavas, on the orders of one of the kings Narasimhavarman I. Later it was extended, first by the Chola dynasty, and then in the days of the kings of Vijayanagar. About 1564, the Church was reconstructed. Over time, the temple was crashed to the gardens, there were towns and villages.

Parthasarathy consists of two main towers, called gopuram and Vimana five small towers, which houses the Shrine of the temple. Chief among them are two, located opposite each other: the main - Parthasarathy - "looks" to the East, the second - Narasimha is facing West. The Parthasarathy idol in one hand holds a sword and the other is folded in the gesture of Varada-Mudra, which represents compassion, mercy and sincerity. In addition, temple has 4 statues of the avatars or incarnations of Vishnu: Narasimha, Krishna, Rama and Varaha.

During the year, in Parthasarathy hosts several large festivals. So one of the most famous, striking and beautiful among them is the water festival Theppam, also known as Theppotsavam, which lasts seven days.