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Catholic Cathedral of St Mary

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Indian city of Madurai is considered the city of temples, were built many religious buildings dedicated to different gods of different religions. But among this abundance stands a beautiful Catholic Cathedral of St Mary, situated in the heart of the city, near the train station, on the street East Veli. It is the center of the Catholic diocese in the city and is one of the oldest Catholic churches in the whole of India.

The Church was built in 1840 and was originally known as Uygulamada Kovil. The status of a Cathedral, she received in 1960, after in Madurai in 1938 was organized by the Catholic eparchy (diocese) and the Church was erected the Bishop's throne.

Cathedral of St. Mary is not only a historical value as a monument of culture, it is also a real architectural masterpiece - the architecture of this building can be clearly seen as elements of European, continental and, in particular, neo-Gothic and Oriental styles, as was typical of virtually all buildings in India built by Europeans.

The Cathedral is painted in bright yellow color that smooths out the Gothic elements of its architecture - the narrow Lancet Windows and spires. The building is replete with a rich finish, carved elements and high arches. The most characteristic feature of the Church that distinguishes it from other Christian buildings of the city are two beautiful bell towers, located on both sides of the entrance, they have a height of 42 meters each, and is easily visible even from a distance. And located inside the building the high arches and pillars, decorated with exquisite moldings, give this place a special mystique and grandeur.