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National Art Gallery "the Indian city of peace" Madras (Chennai) is a center of the cultural life of this city. It contains a large collection of sculptures and paintings created by Indian and British artists of different times.

The building, which currently houses the gallery was built in 1907 and it was originally planned that there will be the Victoria memorial and Technical Institute but in 1951 it was turned into an Art Gallery. It is itself a work of art of amazing beauty, built of red Sandstone in Indo-Saracenic style, and abounds with decorative elements and ornaments in the form of turrets, domes, carved friezes, moldings, columns and arches.

The gallery presents a rich collection of bronze statues Dating back to the X-XIII centuries, painting of Mughal era (XVI-XVIII century), as well as a variety of crafts: jewelry, toys, created by Indian craftsmen of XI-XII century. Overall, the gallery is divided into numismatic, geological, anthropological, Botanical and Zoological sections.

In the section reserved for bronze sculptures, you can see wonderful statues depicting the dancing God Shiva and his wife goddess Parvati, in the same way as Krishna in various forms, described in the myths. Some of these items are really valuable and unique. As presented in the gallery of British engravings of Thomas Daniels, which allow the viewer to look at India from the inside. In addition, a gallery of famous miniature portraits of the great Indian rulers Akbar and Jahangir.

All these treasures of National Art Gallery can be seen daily, except Fridays and public holidays.