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Temple Chitragupta

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Marvelous temple Chitragupta, which is one of the buildings of the world famous temple complex in the village of Khajuraho, which is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is dedicated to one of the deities of Indian mythology, Surya (Surya) the Sun God - the only one of all the temples in the complex. The building was created around the beginning of XI century.

Chitragupta located on a high stone pedestal, the "face" to the East and is traditionally divided into several parts: the main sanctuary, a vast vestibule and mandapa - semi-open pavilion with a colonnade, which represents an original entrance to the temple. Unfortunately, the building is currently not in the best condition, although it has been several times restored. But despite this, it can not attract the attention of tourists due to its amazing sculptural compositions that cover its walls, both inside and outside, depicting hunting scenes, battle elephants, dancing girls and scenes of an erotic nature. Because architecture Chitragupta, like almost all other temples of Khajuraho, literally shot through with eroticism.

In the main sanctuary of the temple houses the statue of Surya, the height of which is more than five feet - he is depicted in his fiery chariot pulled by seven graceful horses. In addition, in the Central niche of the southern facade of the building stands a statue of Vishnu, which has eleven heads, each head represents one of its many incarnations.

Near the temple is a beautiful three-tiered pool, which, no doubt, also worth a visit.