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The Church of St. Francis in Kochi

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St. Francis Church located in Kochi, in Kerala, is a historical monument of the colonial period in India. Her story began after Vasco da Gama landed on Indian shores in 1498. The Portuguese soon built in Kochi (then Cochin) fortified Fort, which was built also a wooden Church in honor of St. Bartholomew. But after a short time by order of the Viceroy of Portugal all the wooden buildings were replaced by stone and brick. On the site of the old Church by Franciscan friars built a new brick. It was completed in 1516 and was to bear the name of St. Anthony. But in 1663, the power of the Kochi city passed into the hands of the Dutch. And since they were Protestant, unlike the Portuguese Catholics, all the churches of the city were destroyed. Survived only this one Church. Anthony, but she was "converted" to Protestant. When Kochi won in 1795, the British, the Church was again renamed and became the Church. Francis, retaining that name to this day. In 1923 she made the list of historical monuments protected by the archaeological research Society of India.

The main attraction of this Church is that it was buried Vasco da Gama who died in Kochi in 1524, during his third visit to India. But after fourteen years his remains were transferred to Lisbon.