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Palace Tippu

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Summer Palace Tipu is located in the Fort of Bangalore. Start of construction was laid in 1781 the ruler Haider Ali Khan, and was completely finished in 1791 during the reign Tipu Sultan, who made this Palace his summer residence and proudly called it the "Envy of heaven".

The Palace is a mostly wooden structure, designed in typical Islamic style. This small two-story building with a flat roof, surrounded on all sides by magnificent gardens, which are well maintained. The most distinctive features of the Palace are richly decorated with balconies, carved pillars and arches, painted in brown and pale yellow. Some of the interior walls of the structure are red and some, like ceilings, fully painted delicate floral patterns that have survived is not very good, but still in some places still clearly visible. The Palace is famous for its original interior, which cannot fail to fascinate.

The first floor of the Palace is now converted in a Museum dedicated to Tipu Sultan. Here you can see not only the documents that are evidence of the successful Board tippu, and a memorial plaque, which lists the introduced reforms, but also a collection of paintings depicting the Palace, made at various times during the 1800's. The Museum is a copy of the famous toys "Tiger tippu", the original of which is kept in the Victoria and albert Museum in London. In addition, there you can admire the canvas with the image decorated with emeralds of the Golden throne on which the ruler has vowed not to sit down until, until you applied the final defeat of the British army. But in 1799 during the Fourth Anglo-Mysore war, Tipu was killed, his property seized, and the throne was cut into pieces and sold at auction because, due to its huge cost, it is unable to acquire one person. After the establishment of English power in the Palace has housed the British administration.

At the moment the Palace tippu is one of the most visited places of Bangalore. It is right in the centre of the Old Town and easy to reach.