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Krishna temple in Guruvayur

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The Krishna temple located in the town of Guruvayur,in Kerala, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. He is considered one of the most sacred places of Kerala and also known as Bhuloka Vaikunta, which translated means " Sacred abode of Krishna on Earth."

It is believed that the temple was built more than a thousand years ago, although the exact date of its creation is unknown. The architecture of the building itself is quite simple, but despite this, it looks majestic and noble.

The main attraction of the temple is a large statue depicting Krishna with four hands, holding the sacred shell Panchajanya, Mace Kaumodaki, the Lotus garland of Basil and a magical disc with scalloped edges, called the Sudarshan Chakra. The statue is fully carved from a solid piece of stone "petalangan".

People believe that prayer Krishna in this temple the can bring healing from various diseases, physical disabilities and injuries.

When visiting the Church it is necessary to consider that there is a kind of "dress code". Men must be bare to the waist, and also wearing munji - blanket that is wrapped around the waist, although sometimes the chest is allowed to cover a piece of cloth "vesthi". Women should wear a Sari. Just recently, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity allowed in the temple to be dressed in salwar-kameez, or long-kameez - traditional "Trouser" suit of the Indian subcontinent. In contrast to the Northern regions of India in the southern part of women should not cover their heads in Church. Also inside you can not enter the footwear and carry mobile phones, cameras and camera.