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Basilica Of San Tome

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Basilica of San Tome is a Roman Catholic minor Basilica (status acquired in 1956), located in the big city of Chennai (Madras) in the southern part of the popular Marina beach. It was originally built by Portuguese colonists in the sixteenth century, on the place where was buried the Apostle Thomas (doubting Thomas). Considered, but not all scientists hold this view that St. Thomas was the founder of Christianity in India, where he arrived in the 52nd year. There he was martyred and was buried on the territory of the present town of Chennai.

Built the Church was quite small and with time was in need of repair. So later, in 1893, it was rebuilt by the British, but as the Cathedral. This amazing building designed in the Gothic revival style and has a dazzling white color. The building is decorated with lots of arches, pointed towers and stained glass. The spire of the Cathedral rises more than 47 metres above the city. Inside the building light enough, but cool.

Moreover, on the basis of the Cathedral was organized by the Museum, where among other exhibits you can see the same spear that had killed the Apostle. It is also possible to see in the mini-theatre at the temple a short film about the life of the Saint. The grave of the Apostle is constantly available to the General public and attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

In 2002 was launched large-scale reconstruction of the Cathedral, but, despite this, access to the remains of the Saint had not been closed. At the moment the reconstruction of the temple completed.