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Museum Of Kanpur Sangrahalaya

Photos and description

The Sangrahalaya Museum, located in the Kanpur - one of the oldest industrial cities of Uttar Pradesh, which is located in the Northern part of India, can rightfully be called historic "book" of this city through which it is easy to "read" its history. It is located in the Central public Park Phool Bagh, Maidan, KEM in the Lobby, and a significant part of it.

This building is a beautiful two-story building, painted yellow, typical of India during British rule style. The corners are traditionally small turrets under neat domes. On the Central tower of the hall are large watches that make it a little like London's big Ben. Delicate carved arches on the first and on the second floor give the building a fresh and slightly romantic.

This Museum is very young, as it was established only in 1999, but despite this, his collection of artifacts of the colonial and post-colonial period is big enough. There's a collection of things that belonged to famous people of the city which influenced its development, photographs, manuscripts, finds collected during the excavations. One of the main attractions of Sangrahalaya is an old artillery gun of the colonial period, which is right at the entrance to the Museum.

As the official Museum in Kanpur, Sangrahalaya is the main source of information about the city of Kanpur, and one of the places where you store the city archives and historical documents.