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National Park Manas

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National nature reserve Manas is situated in Assam, in Northern India, plays a very important role in protecting the country's natural resources, namely in the implementation of programmes to protect tigers, rhinos and elephants. Its name he received because of the inflow flows through the territory of the Brahmaputra river Manas. In turn, that the river was named in honor of the goddess-snake by the name of Manas.

The Park lies in the foothills of the Himalayas and covers an area of about 950кв km, and part of it is in neighboring Bhutan. Originally created in 1928 as a guard of the Park, he at the moment has raised its status to a national biosphere reserve, and in 1985 entered the list of UNESCO world heritage.

The number of mammals that live in Manas, has more than 55, birds, 380 species of reptiles - 50, and even 3 species of amphibians. Some of these animals are on the verge of extinction. Among the inhabitants of Manas are the Asian elephants, tigers, armoured (or Indian) rhinoceros, Gaura, Indian Buffalo, barasingha, sloth bears, axisy, sambari, the black Panthers, the smooth-coated otter, hulaki, mountain rhesus monkey, langur shaposhnikovii, Malayan giant squirrels and many other animals. This Park is also famous due to the fact that the inhabitants of the Assam roof turtle, langur gold, dwarf pig and bristly hare is a very rare species that live only in this reserve.

In the period from may to September, the Manas Park to visit is not necessary, as at this time there is the rainy season.