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The RAM Temple Raya

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Lovely and bright temple RAM Raya is a real gem town of Orchha, located in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the only country in the temple-Palace dedicated to the God Rama.

It was originally designed as a Palace for the king of Orchha Madhukar Shah and his wife. As legend has it, the king worshipped the God Krishna, while the Queen prayed to the Frame. Madhukar Shah was often made fun of because of that of his wife and tried to convince her that she's wrong. But the Queen was adamant and even he ordered a Palace to build a temple in honor of Rama.

One day the Queen decided to make a pilgrimage to the city of Ayodhya (birthplace of Rama). There happened a miracle himself appeared to her Frame, which she asked to follow along with it in Archo to prove her husband's innocence. Rama agreed but with the condition that he will become the ruler of Orchha is Madhukar Shah. The Queen gave her consent. Then Rama followed her to town in the form of a little boy. And when they returned to the Palace, he turned into a statue. It wanted to move to a new Church, but to the surprise of the people, no one was even slightly move it. So the statue was left in the Palace, who later became a temple. He was named RAM Raya (Raja), which means "ruler of Rama" - thus, Rama has become a real "king" of the city, as he had promised his wife Madhukar Shah.

RAM Raya is a bright quadrangular building, with a huge, marble-paved courtyard, lots of huge halls, long corridors and high colonnades. It attracts huge number of tourists who want to live to see this legendary temple-Palace.