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The Temples Of Pattadakal

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A small town Pattadakal, located in Karnataka on the coast of the river Malaprabha, despite its modest size, is known throughout the world due to the unique temple complex, which is located on its territory.

Once pattadakal was the largest city - the capital of the South Indian Empire Chalukya. Then it was called, according to the preserved written sources of the time, Kouvola - Red city. In that period in the VII-VIII century, was built the famous temples. Only on the territory of the city has created ten religious buildings, among which are the Hindu temples of Virupaksha, Sangameswara, Mallikarjuna, Kasiviswanathan, Cudasetdevice, Gamblingware, Ganganath and one janiski temple. Four of them are made in Dravidian style, traditional southern part of India, the four - Nagar, is more common in Northern India, one has embodied both.

The largest and most famous is the Virupaksha temple, which was created by order of the Queen, Lokamahadevi in the distant 745 year in honor of one of the military victories of her husband Vikramaditya II over the powerful Pallava dynasty and the capture of Kanchi. The building is an architectural complex multilevel structure with three entrances (North, East, South), and several chambers, including the main sanctuary. The temple is decorated with a big number of columns and sculptures. Its walls are covered with geometric and floral ornaments.

In 1987, the temple complex of pattadakal was designated a world Heritage site by UNESCO.