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Palace Jahangir Mahal

Photos and description

Located in a small, lost among the wooded hills of the town of Orchha Palace Jahangir Mahal is a true monument of Mughal architecture. It was built in 1598 for the Mughal Prince Salem, better known under the name of the Mughal Emperor of Jahangir. The construction marked the victory of the Prince over his arch enemy VIR Singh Deo and had to perform the role of a military stronghold to maintain the power of Salem to the new conquered territory.

The citadel built on a hill which has a wonderful view of the surrounding territory. It is a complex of buildings, made of yellow Sandstone. The Palace has three floors, each of which has a large hanging balconies, the roof is decorated with many towers of different sizes, crowned with domes. The sides of the main gate of the Palace are the statues of elephants, which by the ringing of bells clutched in their trunks, heralded the arrival of the Governor.

The inner chambers are striking in their elegance and grandeur: carved columns, delicate arches, and many decorative items. Some halls of the Palace were painted with intricate patterns depicting scenes from the life of the ruler, the flowers and animals, as well as mosaic tiles. In some places the painting is clearly distinguishable. On the whole, the Palace is well preserved, and all thanks to the fact that the city of Orchha was not strategically important object, therefore, he was not given much attention, and it suffered only minor damage during the many wars that were fought on this land.

On the territory of Jahangir Mahal is a small hotel for tourists who have a special passion for history and wish to plunge into the atmosphere of medieval India. But these antique lovers have to share their accommodation with the indigenous inhabitants of the Palace monkeys that are totally not afraid of people and feel themselves full owners of the Palace.