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The Temple Of Badrinath

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The temple complex of Badrinath, which is sometimes also called Badrinarayan, located in the Alpine town Badrinath, in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. He is considered one of the holiest Hindu places, built to honour the God Vishnu and is mentioned in the ancient religious Vedic texts.

In the temple of Badrinath there are several "deities" statues-idols, each of which is considered to be a kind of incarnation of deity. The most significant of these is meter statue of Vishnu, depicted in the form of Badrinarayan. It is made of the so-called stone of saligram (sewed or strength), which is mined from the bottom of the sacred river of Kali Gandaki, which is the black color. The statue depicts Vishnu seated in meditation posture. It is believed that this statue is not man-made but appeared by itself, at the request of Vishnu.

The temple has a height of about 15 meters and its top is crowned with a small dome covered with gold leaf, and the front part of the building is carved out of stone. To the entrance, made in the form of a large arch, is a long and wide staircase. The Windows are made also in the form of high arches. Overall, the facade is more reminiscent of a Buddhist Vihara, that is, the temple, with a huge number of small, brightly colored details. Also the walls and columns of mandapa decorated with exquisite carvings and covered in bright paint. Mandapa is a porch, a small hall-the pavilion, where all rituals are performed, and which is located outside the main building.

Due to the harsh weather conditions in that part of the Himalayas, where the temple is located, it is open only six months a year - from late April until the beginning of November.