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Allen Forest Zoo

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Allen forest zoo is located in the city Kanpur is a large industrial centre of Northern India. He is one of the few zoos in the country, built right in the middle of the forest, besides it is the largest outdoor Park of Kanpur.

The initiator of the Allen forest was botanist sir Allen, but unfortunately, due to bureaucratic delays, the zoo was opened only in 1971году, after India's independence.

Among the inhabitants of the zoo are jaguars, grizzly bears, antelopes, hippos, rhinos, baboons, hyenas, leopards, Asian tigers. Due to the fact that the Zoological garden is located in a forest, the animals that are in it, live in conditions close to conditions of their natural habitat, for example, some monkeys and deer were released from cages into the open.

In addition, the Park operates a Botanical garden where are collected a rich collection of rare Indian plants.

Within the zoo also operates a veterinary hospital which can accommodate up to 1400 animals, and not only dwelling in the Park, but wild, who suffered during the meeting with the man.

Zoo Directors strongly contributes to its development and involves the cooperation of large industrial enterprises, which support Allen forest material. Also there is a strict monitoring of the implementation of the rules, which were introduced in the Park. So, for example, feed the animals is only permitted in specially designated areas, and the use of plastic bottles and plastic bags are prohibited.