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Temple Chaturbhuj

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Located near the small but internationally known village of Khajuraho temple, Chaturbhuj was built in honor of the Hindu God Vishnu. This ancient temple, which, according to scientists, was created around the year 1100, also known as Datacare - the name of the village in which located. The word "Chaturbhuj" from Sanskrit translates as "one who has four hands" (refers to Vishnu, which has 4 hands).

Chaturbhuj temple is located three kilometers South of Khajuraho, therefore, refers to the famous temple complex of the city. Remarkably, Chaturbhuj is the only building of the complex, completely devoid of any sculptures and images of erotic and tantric character. But this does not prevent him to be as popular as the other temples of Khajuraho.

The temple stands on a high stone platform and, as expected from buildings of this type consists of several parts: mandapa - long exterior of the pavilion-corridor, decorated with a colonnade and a large hall, which houses the largest sanctuary of the temple - a statue of four-armed Vishnu, which is carved from stone and has a height more than 2.5 meters. In the two left hands of the idol are the LOTOS and sink, upper right hand is folded in the gesture that expresses fearlessness, while the lower - in a gesture of blessing. But, unfortunately, some time ago the lower arm was broken. In addition, in the hall there are also other statues of Vishnu depicting various of its essence, as, for example, his statue avatar of Narsimha - polucheloveka-pololu.

The inner walls of Chaturbhuj covered with exquisitely carved images of lions, gods and demigods of Hindu mythology.