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Mahatma Gandhi is an iconic figure in India. It is revered as an outstanding political and cultural figure of the country's spiritual leader, and just as highly moral and honest man. Therefore, his memorial Museum, which in India today, there are five very popular among the local population and among tourists. So one of them was created in 1959году, ten years after the murder of Gandhi in 1948, the year in Madurai located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Specifically for the creation of this Museum had been established a special Fund, money made by everyone.

The Museum was officially opened on 15 April, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru at the Palace of Tamukkam previously owned by one of the rulers of the Nayak dynasty Rani Mangammal, which was specially renovated for this purpose.

The exposition of the Museum is quite extensive and consists of several sections. From the beginning, the visitors are invited to a special meeting of the "India fights for freedom", consisting of 265 illustrations, describes the history of the Movement of India's Freedom. Then you can see the "Visual Biography of Gandhi", which includes photographs, paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, letters Gandhi, as well as a unique collection of 124 photographs depicting the figure in different times of his life, starting with childhood and ending with his last "trip" to the crematorium. The last section, "Relics and replicas" consists of 14 original items that belonged to Mahatma Gandhi. Central to this exposition is the bloody clothes, in which the spiritual leader was shot dead.