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The Museum of folk arts Janapada Locke

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A unique place Janapada Locke - the Museum of Folk Art - located in Karnataka, 53 kilometers from the city of Bangalore. But it is not a Museum in the traditional sense, it is rather a research and cultural centre, where you can not only see the creations of Indian craftsmen, but also to see the play and participate impromptu performances, attend workshops and just have a good time. The focus of the center is preservation and promotion of lifestyle close to nature and to their roots.

Conceived this organization was in 1986, a famous canadian folklorist Naga Govda, and by 1994, his project was translated into reality.

Located in the countryside of Janapada Locke occupies a territory of approximately 61кв m and represents the whole complex of buildings and resembles a sort of student campus. The main points where you should definitely visit the Museum are: Saraswathi Mandir - located near the artificial lake of Lokka Sarovara building where you can admire the hand-made dolls in human growth; Locke Mahal - the warehouse where the weapons are stored, ritual and carnival masks, tableware, various artifacts; puppet theatre; open air theatre; cinema. In addition to all there are often held various seminars, and also offers various courses and even obtain a certificate in Museum of Folk Arts at their end.

Every year on the territory of Janapada Locke holds a large number of celebrations and festivals. The best known and most popular is the festival Locative, which is held in February or March, and lasts two days.