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Big mosque Casimir

Photos and description

Big mosque Kasimar is first created in Madurai Islamic mosque, and is located right in the center. It was built by order of the descendant of the prophet Mohammed Nasrat Qazi Led Tajeddine in the XIII century, after his arrival in this city from Oman.

Big mosque Kasimar is a huge complex built in typical Muslim religious buildings style. The perimeter is surrounded by a high wall of light yellow color, decorated with small turrets and carved borders and gate leading to the courtyard are high, snow-white minarets. The mosque itself is a large one-storey building and can accommodate up to 2,500 worshipers.

On-site installations are dargahi (tomb) of the famous madurasa of hasraton (Muslim religious title) - Mir Ahamad Ibrahim, Mir Amjad Ibrahim, Sid Abdus Salaam Ibrahim. They were all descendants of the prophet Muhammad and was directly involved in the management of the mosque.

Kasimar is a real Shrine for Sunnis not only Madurai but also all over India. It is considered as on its territory are located the tombs of the descendants of the great prophet, the requests made there are bound to be filled with Allah. Also people believe that the clergy of the mosque have the ability to heal, so after the morning prayer at its gate a big crowd that awaits their release and blessing.