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The Vishwanath Temple

Photos and description

The ancient and beautiful temple of Vishwanath is one of the most beautiful and famous Khajuraho temples, in Madhya Pradesh. He belongs to the Western group of temples, famous Kajuharo, and is located in the North-Eastern region. Vishwanath was built as assumed in the beginning of XI century.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. And in its Central part is the main value - unique marble Shivalinga, the symbol of Shiva, represented by his statues. But besides the deity in Vishwanath temple and also worship of the Nandi bull-the demigod, who always accompanies Siva, and at the same time considered it a kind of "container".

Except for Shiva and Nandi in the temple, you can also find the image of the Lord Brahma. Particularly impressive it looks with three heads, surrounded by elephants and lions.

The temple has a width of more than 13 meters and a length of over 27. Unfortunately, up to present day in quite good condition survived only two main buildings. Their architectural style is so unique that they stand out favorably to all other temples of the complex. South gate, Vishwanath is guarded by large stone elephants, and the North gate "guarding" lions.

The famous Vishwanath amazing carved panels, the outer walls of the temple decorated with hundreds of gorgeous figurines carved from stone, depicting animals, plants, people, and scenes from life. There you can see beautiful women, groups of musicians, feast. And individual scenes are very explicit erotic nature. Some scientists believe that the temple was created as a symbol of the eternal Union of Shiva and his wife Parvati.