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Cathedral of Jakarta

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Cathedral of Jakarta is the Roman Catholic Church, which is located in the municipality of Central Jakarta. Near the Cathedral is the famous Merdeka Palace, and in front of the Cathedral is the Istiqlal mosque, the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.

The official name of the Cathedral Church of the blessed virgin Mary. The Cathedral Church is because here is the bishops chair. The building of the Cathedral that we see today was consecrated in 1901. A new Cathedral was built on the site of the old Church, built around 1825-1829. In 1859 the Church building was updated, but, unfortunately, destroyed about 1890. The new building of the Cathedral was reconstructed twice - in 1988 and 2002.

The architectural style of this Cathedral is neo-Gothic, which is inherent in most of the churches built at that time. The temple was built in the shape of a cross. The main entrance was located on the West side. In the center of the main portal you can see the statue of the virgin Mary, and is crowned by the portal inscription in Latin. The facade is decorated with stained-glass rose window, which is considered a symbol of the mother of God. The Cathedral is crowned with three spire: the two most high - 60 meters - located on the lateral portals, third, 45 meters high, is located on the East side of the temple. Tower with spire on the North side called "Fort of David" symbolizes shelter and protection from the forces of darkness. Tower on the South side called "ivory Tower" and symbolizes the purity of the virgin Mary. On this tower there is an old clock that is still working. Inside the Church is a body, divine services are held under the organ music and singing of the Church choir.

The Cathedral has two floors, the second floor is a Museum of the history of the Catholic Church of Indonesia.