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The Goa Lawah Temple

Photos and description

The Goa lawah temple is located at the entrance to the cave Goa lawah. The cave of Goa lawah, which means "bat cave" is probably one of the most interesting places in Bali. Goa lawah is a natural cave, inside of which live hundreds of thousands of bats. In the evening, when it gets dark monks bring to the entrance of the cave a generous treat for bats, which are revered by the Balinese people and are considered sacred beings.

In Indonesia, the word "Church" sounds like "Pura" and it is worth noting the fact that Pura is mainly focused on Bali, where Hinduism is the dominant religion on the island. On the island of Bali is a large number of temples - about 10 000, and therefore the island of Bali also called "island of a thousand Pura".

Mountain Goa lawah temple is included in nine of the most important temples that protect Bali from evil spirits. Presumably, the temple was built in the XI century, and the founder of the temple is considered to be an LpA Cataran - the priest who brought Buddhism to the island. The Indonesian government carefully monitors the condition of the churches, so Goa lawah, as well as other temples, looks great and well maintained. Sanctuary of the temple made of black stone volcanic rock, finish - gold. Also inside you can see many sculptures that depict the spirits. Bats have the Balinese are the mini-dragons, so the architecture of the temple used a lot of dragon symbolism. At the main entrance are two large tree-Banyan.