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Tanah Lot Temple

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Tanah Lot is a rocky formation formed outside the island of Bali. This rock is popular among tourists and sacred to the Balinese, Tanah Lot temple, which is considered a center of pilgrimage. Pura Tanah Lot located in Tabanan, about 20 km from Denpasar.

From afar, the rock on which the temple is located, resembles a ship, such a shape of rock gave the ocean waves once lapped it for many years. The date of Foundation of the temple is of the sixteenth century. It is assumed that he founded the Hindu temple Nirartha. He was an itinerant priest, during one of his travels along the South coast of the island of Bali, he noticed a beautiful rock in the sea and decided to make a stop there. Nirartha there met fishermen and arranged for the night. The next morning he called on fishermen and said that they should upon this rock to build a sanctuary to worship the Balinese sea gods. There is another legend according to which Nirartha led upon that rock, the ray of the divine light, which came from a spring on this rock.

Tanah Lot temple was built and for many centuries has been part of Balinese mythology. The temple can be reached only the true believers, they climbed the stairs that are carved into the rock, and the rest are at the foot of the cliff. During low tide from a spring you can drink the water, which is considered Holy.

Tanah Lot temple is one of seven sea temples built around the coast of Bali. Each of the sea temples erected in sight of the next, they form a chain along the South-Western coast of the island.

In translation the name of the Church sounds like "land in the sea", which is true. It is worth noting that you can get there only through a small isthmus that connects the island of Bali with rock and only during low tide. At high tide the island is surrounded by water, and get him a special ladder.