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The Lempuyang Temple

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The Lempuyang temple, or Pura Lempuyang Luhur, is 10 km East of the village by car, on the slopes of mount Lempuyang, which reaches a height of 1058 feet above sea level.

Pura Lempuyang, like Goa lawah temple is considered the most important temple in Bali and is among the 9 key mountain temples that protect the island from evil spirits. To reach the temple complex will have the car on the highway from Amlapura, then through a steep mountain streamer and then on foot, covering nearly 1,700 stairs.

The lower temple is always open to visitors, but the upper temple, on the top of the stairs, often closed. It is recommended to go with a Balinese who can be a guide and will be able to negotiate with the clerk of the upper Church to get inside the temple. Sometimes the upper Church is also called the "temple of 1000 steps", and it takes more than 2 hours.

The temple complex consists of 7 churches, the last of which is at a height of 1058 m. to Get to the top of the temple the so-called "short" by - steps, and a long when doing extra large circle, but on the way visit all the 6 temples of the complex.

The first temple is called Pura Agung Lempuyang Packaging Foam to it are three stairs. And only the right and left of the stairs is for visitors and the average for the priests at special ceremonies. Next, visitors will see the Telaga Mas temple, whose name translates as the temple of the "Golden lake" Telaga Sawang temple (temple of "magic water"). Another temple - Pura Lempuyang Madai, then goes to the temple Puncak, Bisbis and Agung Lempuyang, and at the end of this path, visitors will finally be able to enjoy the view of incredibly beautiful temple, Lempuyang Luhur, and look at the surroundings.

For all visiting the temple complex of obligatory sarong is a traditional garment in South-East Asia in the form of a long piece of cotton cloth that men wrapped around his waist, and the women above the chest, and it turns out something like a skirt.