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Lake Toba

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Lake Toba is located in the middle Northern part of the island of Sumatra and is a volcanic Caldera which is formed by the same volcano. In length the lake is 100 km, width - 30 km, and the depth of the lake ranges up to 505 meters. This lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and the largest volcanic lake in the world.

It is believed that lake Toba was formed approximately 69000-77000 years ago by a massive eruption of the SUPERVOLCANO Toba, which lead to climate change. It is proved that the eruption of Toba led to a volcanic winter - the pollution of the earth's atmosphere with ash and cold 3-5 degrees in this place, which resulted in the death of vegetation and some animal species.

The lake is very clear and clean water, which is inhabited by a large number of fish and plankton. The lake is a favorable environment for habitation of fish such as the Mozambique tilapia, guppies, raspor, carp, spotted gourami, and others. Not so long ago part of the lake was created by the fish farm, and it led to changes in flora and fauna of the lake and the clarity of the water.

In the middle of the lake there is Samosir island, which was formed as a result of uplift of rocks. On the island the local population lives - Batak, who mostly engaged in agriculture and fishing. In addition, a Batak carved wooden beautiful products that you can buy on the island in small shops. Of the attractions of the island of Samosir it is worth noting the tomb of king Sidabutar.