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Istiqlal Mosque

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Istiqlal mosque in Jakarta is one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia - the building can accommodate about 120,000 people.

The national mosque was built in honor of the fact that Indonesia became independent and was named "Istiqlal" in Arabic means "independence". Indonesia became independent in 1949, and the construction of the mosque began only in 1961. It was decided to build a mosque on the site of fortifications, the citadel of the Prince Federica, built in the middle of the XIX century and demolished in the 1960-ies. The construction of the mosque took 17 years, a solemn opening of the mosque took place on 22 February 1978. Near the mosque is the Merdeka square and the Cathedral of Jakarta.

The mosque has seven entrances-gate. Inside the mosque has a prayer hall and a special room where you perform a ritual ablution. Also has a patio. The mosque consists of two interconnected rectangular buildings: the main building and second, smaller in size. The main building is crowned with a spherical dome with a diameter of 45 meters. The dome is adorned with a decorative steel spire with a Crescent and star. Another structure is also covered with a dome. The dome is supported by twelve round columns, the prayer hall is surrounded by rectangular columns, balconies, located on four tiers.

At the mosque there is a madrasah, a function hall. In addition, mosques also conduct seminars, public and cultural events.