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Orchid Garden

Photos and description

Orchid garden is located in a forested area near the coastal area of Sanur, which is on the South-Eastern part of the island of Bali. The garden was founded in 1999, and his visit will interest all who want to enjoy the peace and quiet, and is also Orchid lovers.

At the entrance visitors are greeted by guides and begin a tour of the garden. Guests can see the tree fern, Dendrobium flowering, perennial plant of the Orchid family. In the garden grows around hundreds of types of orchids: black Orchid, Burgundy Orchid, Orchid Puchkova, as well as many other tropical plants. It is advisable to visit the garden during flowering - April-may.

In the garden coffee lovers can buy the famous coffee "Luwak" as the Orchid Garden in Bali is the only supplier of this brand of coffee. Variety of this coffee is known for its specific way of processing.

Here is an opportunity to buy orchids on the island there is a ban on the export of this flower, and sample honey from Orchid. The gift shop sells scented candles, t-shirts with images of orchids, hand-painted perfume natural oils of orchids and jewelry made from orchids, covered with enamel and gold.

In addition, visitors can see the garden wedding ceremony, which is quite a frequent event here.