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Water castle Taman Sari

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Taman Sari, or Water castle, Taman Sari, located approximately 2 km from Palace of Kraton, in Yogyakarta. The castle rested, the Sultan and his family, there was also a chamber for meditation, a mosque.

The territory of this complex can be divided into four parts: a large artificial lake with Islands and pavilions located in the Western part of the complex bathing complex in the center, pavilions and pools in the southern part, and the small size of the lake in the Eastern part. Only the complex of buildings was 59. Taman Sari is located on the territory of the Palace complex in Yogyakarta, which since 1995, included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

The building of Taman Sari was built during the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, who was the first Sultan of Yogyakarta state. He engaged in the construction of Portuguese architects. Unfortunately, the construction of this building was finished the son of the Sultan, Hamengkubuwono II.

The castle was quite complex sewer system. Water from the artificially created lake was used for fountains and swimming pools. In addition, under the castle there was a whole system of underground labyrinths, and even secret rooms. There is even a legend that after its completion, the Sultan ordered the execution of all architects, to the location of underground rooms and labyrinths was known only to a narrow circle of persons.

In 1812, during the invasion of the British troops, several buildings in the complex were destroyed. Unfortunately, to our times preserved much of the land was built up by the locals. As the buildings suffered during the earthquake in 1867. But tourists can see the Central baths and several other buildings that have been restored.

On weekends, you can see the puppet shadow theatre.