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Park "Mini-Indonesia"

Photos and description

Park "Mini-Indonesia" cultural and entertainment area located in East Jakarta. The Park covers a large area - about 250 acres. Visitors will be able to learn a lot about Indonesia and its people, to see the country in miniature, hence the name of the Park. As the Park is very large, its site visitors travel by cars and bicycles, so on site there are traffic lights that regulate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

The Park offers pavilions, museums, exhibits which show all aspects of daily life in 26 provinces in Indonesia (a number of provinces in 1975, today their 34). In these pavilions display articles on Indonesian architecture, national costumes, sometimes even held theatrical show, where the show of national costumes and show traditional dances.

Near these pavilions is a lake with artificial Islands in the middle which its location is a clear mini-model of the world's largest archipelago, Indonesia.

In the Park there is a theater Tanah Airku (theatre "My home country"), a cinema and museums. All museums - 14, among them is the Komodo Museum, Museum of brands the Museum of insects, Museum of East Timor and many others.

The idea of this Park, showing Indonesia in miniature, belongs to the city Hartinah, better known as Tien Suharto, the former first lady of Indonesia, wife of Haji Muhammad Suharto, the second President of the Republic of Indonesia. By creating this Park, the city Hartinah wanted to cultivate a national culture of Indonesian people, to show how rich and diverse culture of Indonesia. Initially, the project was named "Project of Indonesia in miniature," and in 1972 it began to implement the Indonesian Harapan kita Foundation. Today at the Park you can visit not only museums, but also a water Park.