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Park Taman Safari

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If you want to see live wild animals such as tigers, lions and crocodiles in their natural habitat, then visit the Park "Taman Safari" must enter the program stay on the island of Java.

Taman Safari Indonesia is parks-Safari, located in Bogor (West Java province on Java island), the volcano Arjuno-Welirang (East Java province on Java island) and the famous Park "Bali Safari and marine Park". These parks are known as Taman Safari I, II and III. The most popular of these parks is Taman Safari I.

Taman Safari II is located near the highway between the cities of Jakarta and Bandung, West Java province. The territory of this Park is approximately 170 acres. The Park is home to about 2,500 animals, which include Bengal tigers, giraffes, orangutans, zebras, hippos, Malayan sun bears, cheetahs, elephants, and even Komodo. Also, there are wallabies (kangaroo family), Peruvian penguins, kangaroos and crocodiles. Some of these animals can be seen only in Indonesia.

On the territory of the Park you can enter any form of transport, it is only necessary to pay for the ticket for the car and the driver (if you hire a taxi). Everywhere are posters with warnings, around wildlife and it is necessary to observe safety rules. In the Park guests will see a show about wildlife, including a show about dolphins and elephants. For those wishing to stay in the Park at night there are bungalows and a dedicated area for camping.

Taman Safari II is located in the port city of Pasuruan, province of East Java and is situated on the slopes of mount Arjuno-Welirang. Area - approximately 350 hectares of Taman Safari III is the Bali Safari and marine Park, located in the district of Gianyar in Bali.