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The Volcano Gunung Agung

Photos and description

The volcano Gunung Agung - the highest point of Bali and sacred place for everyone. The volcano is associated with many legends and mysteries that the local population passes from mouth to mouth. According to one of them, the mountain was created when the Hindu God Pasupati separated mount Meru, and formed part of Gunung Agung.

Height of the volcano is 3 142 m above sea level, its summit is crowned by a crater, the size of 520 x 375 meters, which is still emitted into the atmosphere smoke and ash, Recalling its activity, and at the foot of the cascades lies a temple of Besakih - main temple complex in Bali.

Only 4 recorded eruption of this volcano in history, the last of which occurred in 1963-1964, causing the Balinese massive damage: 2000 people died, thousands of homes were destroyed. It was one of the largest eruptions in the world in the twentieth century. It is noteworthy that the temple of Besakih remained almost intact.

Volcano expedition is considered easy climbing route, but this climb is a hard work for an untrained person. For the convenience of lift you can hire a guide who will show the most beautiful viewpoint on the mountain and talk about the historical and religious features of the volcano. Climb to the top takes approximately 6 hours, so expect the route follows this way to be on top of the mountain in the morning to 7-8 - so you will have the opportunity to see the famous Balinese landscapes, painted by the rays of dawn or at least until midday - then cloud time to gather around the top, closing the review.

There are several routes which you can go to the top: the South through Klungkung and Candidasa, from the East via Tirta gangga and Karangasem (with the most impressive views of the beach) and West through the village of Besakih.

It is important to know that during religious ceremonies to ascend to the volcano is forbidden, so verify in advance that the scheduled time of the visit, a mountain in Indonesia will not celebrate any religious holiday.