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Puputan is located in the historical center of Denpasar city in the South of Bali. Denpasar is the largest city on the Indonesian island of Bali, as well as the administrative center of the province of Bali. The city's name translates to "East of market". The capital of the island of Bali, this city became in 1958. The city has many monuments and curious tourists will be interesting to see the combination of Javanese, Chinese and European culture in the architecture of the city.

Puputan is known for its tragic history, the display of which can be seen in the monument in the square that depicts man, woman and two children in heroic poses and brandishing daggers in their hands. Puputan translates from Balinese as "fight to the end" means ritual suicide, which is committed when there is a humiliating capitulation to the enemy.

The monument was erected as a reminder of the Dutch invasion in Bali - the events of September 1906, when a Dutch army landed on the Northern part of Sanur beach and headed to Denpasar. When the Dutch troops approached the castle from the castle came the procession, headed by Raja, which was borne on a palanquin by four porter. Raja was dressed in traditional white clothes for a funeral, there was a lot of jewelry, and kept in the hands of Chris, the national dagger with an asymmetrical blade shape. The rest of the retinue of the Raja's officials, guards, priests, wives, children - were dressed in similar clothing and was holding the same dagger. The procession stopped a hundred paces from the Dutch, the Raja made a sign to his priest, who immediately stabbed in the chest Raja Chris. The rest of the procession at the same time began to kill each other. The Dutch opened fire. Just killed about 1000 Balinese people. The Dutch took from the corpses of jewels, and of the Rajah's Palace was destroyed.

As a reminder of this terrible massacre, on the ruins of the Palace erected a monument.