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National Park And is situated on the plain, on the Eastern coast of the island of Borneo, in the province of East Kalimantan. The Park is located about 50 km North of the equator and North of the Mahakam river, in the basin of which is more than 76 lakes. Near the national Park are the cities Bontang and Sangata, and the administrative center of the province of East Kalimantan - Samarinda is located 120 km from the Park.

The territory of the national Park And about 2,000 square km, and 70-ies of XX century it is a nature conservation area. Unfortunately, the national Park suffers from illegal logging and the emergence of mining companies. In 1982-1983 there were fires that destroyed large areas of the forest, and today there are about 30% of the forests. In the Park, where many tropical lush vegetation, very beautiful, and in these natural conditions, which are natural, home to a population of orangutans. In addition to these animals, the Park has other species of monkeys (Hollaby langur, proboscis monkey, Gibbon Muller and others), as well as the Malay bear, klemantaski rhinoceros, Indian sambar (family of deer), banteng (bulls), clouded leopard, marble cat, sumatrana cat, black squirrel vedrova the civet cat, smooth-coated otter, crocodiles and some 300 species of birds.