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The Pasar Badung

Photos and description

Pasar Badung is located on the street of Gajah Mada, which is the main street of Denpasar. This street is also a shopping centre of Bali. Traditional market Denpasar is located right opposite the temple is the largest of the three temples in this city. Next to this picturesque place, the river of Badanga.

Initially the market was quite small, but as the city grew, and increased the market. A particularly lively market in the morning and evening, in the afternoon there is less people come. It is advisable to go shopping in the morning, although the market is open until late. On the first floor of the market sells fresh vegetables and fruit that are imported from all corners of the island. In addition, it is possible to buy seafood, poultry, meat, eggs. On the second floor you can buy all kinds of spices, spices and dried food. On the top floor sells Handicrafts. The market is known for its Handicrafts, among which the necklaces are handmade, painted vases, colorful shawls. Also on this floor are sold typical Souvenirs Bali: carved wooden statues, textile products. As for clothes, in this market you can get something out of national clothes, for example, a skirt sarong.

In Denpasar, a lot of markets, but the market pasar Badung is the largest market in the city. Visit the market included in the program to stay in Bali to enjoy shopping, because the markets are the main attraction of this city. It is believed that in this market goods are cheaper than in other markets of Denpasar.