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Goa lawah (the"bat Cave")

Photos and description

Goa lawah, which means "bat Cave", located in the smallest district of Bali, called Klungkung, which is located in the Eastern part of Bali about one and a half hours drive from Denpasar city. A more precise location of the cave - district of Dawan, village Pasanggrahan.

Goa lawah is a natural cave rather complex shape, which goes deep into the mountain and extends approximately 19 km. of UNESCO and many other international organizations have repeatedly appealed to the government of Indonesia requesting permission to conduct research on caves. However, the expedition went to explore the cave, unfortunately, never came back, so the government decided not to do attempts to explore the cave, and strictly follow this.

If you look at the cave from afar, it may seem that the cave is alive because of the walls that seem to move. Only coming closer, you see that the walls are not moving, and this impression has created thousands of bats clinging to the cave entrance.

Inside the cave, no one is allowed, even though there are brave souls who dare to look back. At the slightest rustle, the bats begin to rush through the cave and emit a characteristic squeak. Day mouse sleeping in the cave, and when the sun goes down a countless number of bats with their unique sounds fly out of the cave in search of prey. Spectacle kind of places is scary enough, tour guides warn visitors about it.

There is an assumption that in addition to the bats live in a cave and rats, and snakes. Among the local population there is a legend that in the depths of this cave lived a terrible monster.