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Merdeka Palace

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Merdeka Palace is located in Central Jakarta. Central Jakarta is one of five municipalities that are part of Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. It is worth noting that Jakarta is a municipality with the status of the capital and is controlled by the Governor. And in the smallest municipality of Central Jakarta is the most administrative institutions of Jakarta. Also, this municipality is famous for its large parks and beautiful monuments, which belongs to the Merdeka Palace.

The Palace is located in Merdeka square. Indonesian area called Medan Merdeka (Freedom Square). It is worth mentioning that Merdeka square is the largest area in the country. Near the Palace, in the middle of Merdeka square is the national monument is the tower height of 132 meters.

When Indonesia was a colony of the Netherlands at the Merdeka Palace was a residence of the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies. In 1949, the Palace was renamed and became known as the Merdeka Palace, i.e. the Palace of Freedom. The Palace along with other buildings to form the presidential complex, which includes the buildings of some government departments such as the state Secretariat and others.

The Palace was built in neoclassical style, the building is decorated with Doric columns, is quite popular in European architecture of that time, when the Palace was built. In the beginning the Palace was two-storey. In 1848, the second floor was removed, and the first was expanded. In 1873, the Palace was reconstructed and since then the building has not changed. In our days, in the Palace held official events such as the ceremony of independence Day when, on 17 August raised the national flag. In addition, in the Palace hosting important guests and ambassadors of other States, here are often held national and international congresses.