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Bali Botanic garden

Photos and description

Bali Botanic garden is a branch of the National Botanical garden in Bogor, on Java, is situated on lake Bratan in Bedugul, Central Bali.

The garden lies on the slopes of mount (Gunung Pohon) and covers an area of 157.5 hectares. the Main celebrity of the garden is a large collection of valuable plant species, which includes over 650 species of various trees.

Orchid collection of the Botanical garden of Bali is one of the largest in Indonesia - there are over 400 types of flowers. Lovers of this plant will definitely get aesthetic pleasure from strolling through the winding paths of the garden.

In addition to the plants in the garden are many kinds of colorful tropical birds, which allows the garden to be a center for the study of the flora and fauna of Bali island. When visiting Bali Botanic garden is possible for a few hours to take in the atmosphere of peace and unity with nature.

For visitors to the garden also features a small colorful market, selling spices and plants, as well as a library and herbarium.

All the rare plants here have information boards from which you can find useful information about the plants, their origin and unique properties. Other useful information is happy to recommend a professional guide whose services you can use when you visit Bali Botanic garden.