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Museum Indonesia is the anthropological and ethnological Museum, which is located in the cultural and entertainment complex of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah translates to "Beautiful Indonesia in miniature". This ethnographic Park covers an area of 250 acres and consists of pavilions, each of which displays the life of a separate Indonesian province.

Museum of Indonesia owns the collection, which tells visitors about the historical past of ethnic groups that inhabit the archipelago, and showcases the cultural heritage of these groups. The exposition of the Museum presents traditional and contemporary art, collection of Handicrafts and traditional costumes from different parts of Indonesia.

The main building of the Museum consists of three floors, according to the religious concept of tri hita Karana, common among indigenous inhabitants of the island of Bali. The concept consists of three principles: harmony with divine powers, nature and people. On the first floor displays a collection of traditional and wedding clothes, collected in 27 provinces of Indonesia. In addition, there are exhibits that tell about traditional dances, wayang and gamelan. Exhibit on the second floor of the Museum will learn more about the traditional houses, the religious buildings and the rice fields of Indonesia. On the third floor of the exhibited textiles, for example, made of cloth, songket (traditionally it is woven by hand using gold and silver threads), Bali batik, items made of metal and wood. Wood products are striking in their intricate designs and the most interesting and valuable item is to consider a wooden sculpture of a tree Kalpataru - tree of desires in the Hindu mythology. Sculpture height - 8 meters width - 4 meters.