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Zoo Ragunan located in the area of pasar minggu, city (in Indonesian language - "the cat") in South Jakarta. The zoo is about 140 hectares in collection view more than 270 species of animals, about 171 representative flora. For all the inhabitants cared about 450 persons.

The types of animals that live at the zoo Ragunan, are under threat of extinction and are of great value. In total, the zoo is home to about 3120 species of animals, including birds and amphibians. On-site Parking, lush tropical vegetation, you can see the giant Indonesian monitor lizard or as it is called, the Komodo dragon is a lizard that is the largest of the currently existing. Here you can see elephants, giraffes, kangaroos, Zebra, orang-utans, tapirs, amaterskog tiger, banteng - a species of bull that lives on the island of Bali, as well as the smallest of the modern wild ox, Anoa. One of the highlights of the zoo can be called a large flying Fox is the largest species of bats.

The zoo Ragunan more than 150 years and is the third "age" in the world. But the size of the zoo ranked the world second place. Ragunan zoo was founded in 1864. Famous Indonesian painter, Raden Saleh, donated 10 hectares of their land in Central Jakarta to the founding of the first zoo in Batavia. In 1966, the zoo moved to the area of pasar minggu, the Grand opening was held in June of the same year.

At the zoo operates the Primate Center of Smotzer opened in 2002. This center is funded privately and is considered one of the largest of such centers in the world. The centre occupies 13 hectares. Here you can see various species of primates including the gorilla, chimpanzees, and orangutans. Also on site are rides, a children's Playground.

Since February 2014, every Monday the zoo is closed the animals "day off", in restoring order. If Monday is a holiday, the zoo will be open but closed the next day.