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Wisma 46 Skyscraper

Photos and description

Wisma 46 skyscraper was the tallest building in Indonesia at the time of its construction (1996). The skyscraper complex is located in the Kota BNI-Maybank, Central Jakarta, is a kind of business center.

In skyscraper building - 48 floors, height of the building is about 230 meters and antenna - about 262 meters. All 23 lifts serving the building, can reach speeds of up to six meters per second. This skyscraper is 184-e a place among the tallest buildings in the world.

The architectural style high - rise modern buildings and postmodern. Design blue and white skyscraper is quite unusual - concrete tower in the shape of a cube, but from within, from its Foundation, rise glass tower. The top of the tower is crowned by a curved spire. The building was designed by the famous architectural firm Zeidler Partnership Architects, who was the author constructed buildings in many countries around the world, including well-known complexes Canada place in Vancouver and Media Park Cologne in Cologne is a beautiful modern blocks, which are the offices of the media, cinemas, studios, TV channels.

The Wisma 46 building are located offices of large companies, representative offices of world leading banks, clinic, restaurants and shops. In restaurants you can enjoy Indonesian food (nasi goreng or sate), and the European. In stores, along with the usual visitors European is Indonesian Souvenirs, and clothing. Also, the skyscraper is the international club of Jakarta. On two underground floors there is Parking for cars. From the Windows of the skyscraper offers stunning views of Jakarta.