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The district of Kota is a small area of the historic district in Jakarta. It is called Old Jakarta or Old Batavia. The cat with the Indonesian language means "city".

Kota district is a historic district, it serves as a reminder of the colonial times of the XVI century, when Cat was the only city, was in Batavia and was surrounded by a wall, while around the village was located (Kampung), fruit orchards and rice fields. In Kota, the Dutch settled and built their city. Old Jakarta - or Batavia, as it was once called the area by the Dutch in the sixteenth century was a center of trade throughout the continent due to its strategic location (the Cat is located on the shores of the Java sea). As the European sailors called the Cat the "Diamond of Asia" and "Queen of the East". On the outskirts of Kota is a commercial port of Jakarta.

The Central part of Kota - Glodok, a business centre, Kota. Glodok, also known as Chinese town. This name comes from the times of Dutch colonization, as most of the traders in Glodok are Chinese. Today Glodok is known as one of the biggest electronics malls in Jakarta.

In 1972, the Governor of Jakarta issued a decree that the Cat was officially recognized as a place of historical heritage in order to preserve the ancient architectural monuments. Unfortunately, some quarters of the Cat, where is home to colonial buildings remain abandoned and gradually destroyed. In 2007, in order to preserve the ancient street Pinto besar and POS Kota, which surround the area of Fatahillah, the government decided to prohibit the passage of vehicles on them.