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Chandi Prambanan is a Hindu temple complex located in Central Java province, and is dedicated to Trimurti, the so - called "Hindu Trinity", the three main Hindu deities - Brahma, Cherry and Shiva, who represent the spiritual principle, Brahman.

The temple complex is located 17 km North-East of Yogyakarta city on the boundary between the provinces of Central Java and Special region of Yogyakarta district. In 1991, the temple was included in the list of world heritage sites of UNESCO and is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia and one of the largest in South-East Asia.

The temple complex is of great height of buildings and Lancet forms that is inherent in Hindu architecture. The height of the Central building of Candi Prambanan is 47 meters. Initially the complex had 240 temples. There are temples of the Trimurti - the 3 main temple, dedicated to Shiva, Cherry and Brahma, in front of these temples there are 3 temples dedicated to the "Vahan" of the Trimurti: Nandi, Garuda and Hamsa. "Vahan" in Indian mythology is an object or creature that is used by gods as a vehicle for movement. For Lord Shiva, it was the bull Nandi, Vishnu - Garuda (polyoil-man), while Brahma is Hamsa (Swan).

On the stone bas-reliefs depict scenes from the Indian epic "Ramayana". There is also a lovely image of the mythical animals, funny monkeys, heaven trees and, most importantly, God Shiva, create and destroy the world.

Chandi Prambanan consists of so-called zones, three of them: the outer zone, the middle, which houses many small temples, and a third area in which there are eight main temples and eight small shrines. Each of the zones enclosed by four walls, and each wall there are large gates.