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Park Garuda Wisnu Kencana

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Garuda wisnu Kencana is a private Park, which is located on the highest point of the Bukit Peninsula. The Bukit Peninsula is located in the southern part of the island of Bali.

The Bukit Peninsula is famous for its high rocky shores and beautiful and clean beaches that sometimes you have to walk down the stairs. In addition, it is a popular destination among surfers.

Garuda wisnu Kencana situated on the territory of 240 hectares and is dedicated to Vishnu, the Supreme God of Hinduism and Garuda, driving the bird of the God Vishnu. In Sanskrit, the ancient literary language of India the name Vishnu means "all-penetrating, all-encompassing." Garuda is poligrip-man: head, chest, torso and legs to the knees, the human and the beak, wings, tail, and hind legs below the knees - eagle.

The Park has a statue of Vishnu, whose height is 23 meters although originally it was assumed that the sculpture of Vishnu riding on the Garuda - is the size of 146 meters and a wingspan of Garuda will reach 64 meters. However, the idea is not liked by some religious authorities, who felt that such a massive statue might disrupt the spiritual balance of the island, but there were also those who approved this project, as it will attract more tourists.

Currently part of a sculpture group from the body of Vishnu, the hands of Vishnu and Garuda sculptures are located in different parts of the Park. When the statue is finished, it will be the tallest statue in Asia. It is assumed that due to its height the statue would be visible from a distance of 20 kilometers.

In the Park there are restaurants, hotels, exhibition area, souvenir shops, art market. Evening in the Park you can see the dance "kechak". Also in the Park there is an outdoor amphitheatre that can accommodate about 7,500 spectators, where concerts of world stars.